The Light of Recovery: Introductory Blog……………………… Beginning next Monday, I will be writing a weekly blog, The Light of Recovery, that will also be posted to my website, . My hope is that this blog becomes very interactive because I want to hear your comments, suggestions, input and even criticism of the topics. Basically, I want to hear from you and get your feedback and reactions. My first topic, scheduled to be posted next Monday, will be “WHAT IS SEX…………..REALLY?”. Now, this could be a very controversial topic for many people. And maybe you are already questioning why an ordained minister, who actually graduated from seminary, unlike some of the ministers that are online, would choose to talk about “Sex”. Well, I will explain in a couple minutes. First, let me explain how I chose “Sex” as a topic for discussion. I actually got this topic idea from my contributing author in my new book, “Dark Soul”, Carlyl (pronounced Carlisle) Pike. She enjoys watching reruns of “Sex And The City” on television. Have you ever watched episodes of that series? I thought they were very interesting in several ways and we will talk about the “plots” next week. For now, think about it, those four women had a lot of sexual encounters and experiences; however, did any of them ever have really long-lasting relationships? Sometimes, Sex can be very stressful. I think many people equate sex and love to be synonymous in meaning. Trust me, ladies, just because the guy has sex with you, that does not mean that he is in love with you or that he is going to meet you at the altar. See, Sex sells but true love is priceless. And now, for the rest of the story and to answer the question in the second paragraph. I can still remember Reverend Miller, my sponsor who helped me get into seminary, when I told him that I wanted to be a priest. (see, I was raised Roman Catholic). The conversation took place when I was in critical condition in a hospital following a near- fatal automobile accident. I had just made a commitment to God, in one of my morphine-induced hallucinations, that if I could walk again, I would serve God. Reverend Miller smiled and responded by confronting me with the reality of the truth. I liked women too much to be a priest, I should consider ministry. I agreed, became Protestant and entered a seminary when I was able to walk again. And I think one of the most interesting ministries I had after graduation and ordination was serving as a chaplain for the dancers in a Gentleman’s Club. Believe me, “Sex Sells”. However, that is a topic for another week.