THE LIGHT OF RECOVERY……………”CAN YOU HANDLE THE TRUTH” I know that I promised you that I would write my follow-up to “What is Sex…. REALLY?” this week. However, I was talking to a friend, Roger Sheesley, a couple days ago about scheduling a book signing event at his restaurant and I remembered a quote he gave me for my book, “DARK SOUL”. Maybe I will get to the follow-up on Sex next week. Anyway, what is another week? Roger’s quote is found in Chapter Eight, “Mirrors and Masks”, but that is a topic for another week. What I do want to talk about this week is the quote that I begin Chapter Eight with in my new book. It has become one of my favorites. “Behavior is the mirror in which everyone shows their image.” I first heard that quote by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe expressed on a television series titled “Criminal Minds”. As Johann Wolfgang von Goethe would suggest in his insightful statement, the way we see ourselves is often reflected in our behaviors, attitudes, projections and perceptions. And, many times, the perception that we project to others, even in our most intimate relationships, is not always the way we see ourselves in the “mirror” of our mind. Think about it. Think about yourself. Maybe you will just have to read my book, “DARK SOUL”. My friend, Roger Sheesley and his wife, Susan, own a restaurant, “Tom’s Eatery at Fox Crossing”, in Mount Pleasant Mills, near Selinsgrove (Pennsylvania). Stop in and say “HI” for me. Anyway, Roger gave me such a powerful quote pertaining to the chapter in my book that I wanted to share it with you. It also defines the topic of my discussion for this week. Here is his reflection on the way many people project themselves. And I must confess, I am one of those people. You might want to read Roger’s reflections slowly. “There are two truths in our lives. Two styles of truth. The one is the truth of what we show to the world. The truth of what we openly reveal of who and what we really are. This is the socially acceptable truth, the safe truth, the abridged truth. And then there is the truth that only we know of ourselves. This is the incriminating, raw, guilty and even embarrassing truth that we want to hide and not reveal to others. This is the truth that we often hide from even ourselves, preferring the public truth over the inner truth, fearing that if we accept the truth within, then it will obliterate our self-image and we can no longer present the public truth with integrity. The conflict of living with these two truths is a constant challenge. No one seems to want the inner truth to be revealed of themselves even though it would mirror, in some way, the inner truth of us all.” So, what do you think about Roger’s thoughts? I know that I have lived that way in my relationships for many years in the past and, at times, I still do. Any comments? I will close my Blog for this week with the memorable words by Jack Nicholson in his very angry response to a direct question from Tom Cruise in “A Few Good Men”. When confronted with his attempt to cover up a conspiracy and murder, Nicholson loses his temper and shouts “YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH.” Personally, I have to confess that I have never lost my temper. See, I ALWAYS know where to find it. I would appreciate your comments, feedback and suggestions for future blog topics. I live a very quiet and almost reclusive life and I welcome new “pen pals”. You can connect with me here on Facebook, “Friend” me, or write to me at my email address, , or send me a message through my website, .

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