The Light of Recovery………………”KNOW THYSELF” Above the ruins of the temple of Apollo at Delphi in Greece, there is an inscription…… “KNOW THYSELF”. And so, what comes in to your mind when you think about about those two words? Personally, I have been working on understanding myself for almost half a century. By the way, I have given up doing a follow-up to my first blog, “What is Sex……..REALLY?” I really do not understand the topic enough to write about it. Anyway, the underlying basis of my new book, “DARK SOUL” is an attempt to understand my “Self”. As of this writing, I still struggle with honestly defining my identity. And I believe that I am not alone in my efforts to really know who I am. Basically, the definition of “Self” is the understanding of a person’s identity through acknowledging the meaning of his/her experiences in life. See, I believe that my difficulty in knowing “Thyself” is rooted in identifying my real personality and identity because of my life experiences forty-five years ago when I lived undercover in drug organizations and organized crime associations for almost five years. However, you can read about my struggle in “DARK SOUL”. I believe that, for many people, defining one’s identity is, at times, extremely difficult because our true perception of “Self”, of the person we perceive ourselves to be, is often distorted by the mysterious and mental reflection of the image we see in the “mirror” of our mind. I talked about this topic in my blog last week. See, for me to honestly understand my “Self”, I need to understand my behaviors, both past and present, my attitudes, my feelings and emotions. And personally, that awareness can be very scary. To “Know Thyself” means walking through a process of personal introspection, looking in the “mirror” of your mind, walking into the “cave” of your psyche and maybe that is not very comfortable for many people. As some of you know, I am also working on a pilot episode for a future television series based on my current book, “LIFE AFTER RUSSIAN ROULETTE: REDEMPTION”. I see the main character, myself, as a combination of both the Protagonist (the main character) and the primary Antagonist (my own worst enemy) in my life. In reality, I believe that I have always been my own worst enemy, my main adversary, the “person” that I have always competed with and struggled against most of my life. To admit that part of my life is to “Know Thyself”. I believe that most people, when they think about it, are really the primary Protagonist and the main Antagonist in their lives. What do you think about yourself? See, understanding that we are both the primary “character” and our own worst enemy, at times, is the significance of knowing how the Chinese philosophy of YIN and YANG relates to our personality. Both YIN and YANG work together in creating our identity and help us to “KNOW THYSELF”. I would like to read your comments, feedback and suggestions for future blog post topics. You can send me a message on Facebook, “friend” me, write to me at or send me a message at my website, .

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