Don Quixote, M.D.

        My life has been very challenging at times. However, I must admit, or really confess, that my journey has not been boring, far from uninteresting, still unwritten with the potential of unexpected adventures. Think about it. Think about your life. Isn’t that the way life should be for everyone, but maybe not in the way I have lived my life in the past. And now when I take time to think about the roads that I have traveled, the mythical character of Don Quixote comes into my mind. Have you ever heard of him? See, much like Don Quixote, I now realize that I have lived a storybook life, in many ways, attacking “windmills” in my travels. And also much like Don Quixote, I have actually encountered a variety of extremely interesting people, or “characters”, along the way. In retrospect, I have lived a life that most people can only fantasize within their minds. Think about it, in his imaginary travels, Don Quixote encountered very interesting and intriguing people, individuals that most people never really care to meet. He had relationships with prostitutes, priests, soldiers, escaped convicts and even scorned lovers. As I now reflect on the journey of my life in the past, I have to smile when I think about many of the similar types of characters, in real life, that I have met along the path. See, I have lived with, had associations and personal relationships with priests, prostitutes, killers, clergy from all the major religions, generals, homeless people, millionaires, drug dealers, pimps, strip club owners and people in organized crime who would kill you if the situation presented itself. And I would even kill people if I had to survive. And now, as I stop and take time to reflect on the roads that I have walked, many times the low roads in life, I realize that almost every significant encounter taught me a valuable lesson about life and in the way I now perceive myself, my self-image. And even though I have achieved three formal university degrees, including a Masters (but not a medical M.D.), I acquired an M.D. (Master of Deception) along the way. See, with all my formal education, I still believe that my most valuable and most important education was gained from living life on the “streets” in an environment that most people never want to live. See, you cannot buy with money, that form of education, although it can be very costly at times. Basically, in most of my professional adventures, I had to convince people that I was someone who I really was not in reality. And, along the way, I had learned the art of becoming a “Master of Deception”. Now, maybe that title was really my informal “Masters” degree, although later in life I did go to seminary and receive a Masters in Theology with a minor in Psychology after achieving degrees in Criminal Justice and Political Science. But, again, my most useful education was gained from my M.D. (Master of Deception). In fact, I use my “street” credentials in one of my workshops, “First Impressions – False Perceptions” My main point is that life should always be an adventure. Life should never be boring. See, no one really knows when our “shelf life” will expire or when our “expiration date” will be stamped on our forehead or mortal life. You and I are God’s greatest creations. And each one of us was born to live a life of fulfillment in whatever we choose to be along the winding road of life. Come to think about it, I think the Beatles had a song about the long and winding road.

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