INTERVIEW WITH AARON HENKIN, Host, Senior Producer, THE SIGNAL, WYPR Radio, Baltimore, Maryland.

I returned to Baltimore City, my hometown, for the first time in a long journey, to meet with Mr. Aaron Henkin, Host and Senior Producer of THE SIGNAL, a weekly radio program on WYPR (NPR). The interview was designed around my latest published book, LIFE AFTER RUSSIAN ROULETTE: GAME OVER. The book is a psychological thriller based on true accounts from my life as a Baltimore City Police officer in Western District (the scene of recent riots) and my work undercover in drug groups and organized crime associations as an undercover detective. Immersed in a world of drug groups, organized crime and police corruption, I became addicted to “the game” as I wrestled mentally, morally and spiritually with illegal, unethical and immoral choices as the lines of good and bad, right and wrong, blurred before my eyes as I justified the end goal. “To catch the worst criminals we have to become criminals ourselves” and this moral downslide inevitably leads to my increased depression, suicidal thoughts and mentally destructive actions as I tried to numb my inner feelings with increased addiction to alcohol. Eventually, I would resign from the police force and create a private investigative agency to work against the police. This journey would lead me into seminary where I would find ordination but not peace. My peace would come when I finally found the one gift I had been searching for most of my life – LOVE.

At this point, Aaron Henkin is editing the interview and it will be aired in the future. I will notify everyone when it is run on WYPR. I am truly grateful and thankful for the opportunity to meet with Aaron Henkin and honored to be interviewed by such a professional personality and much respected radio program and national affiliate. WYPR is found on 88.1 FM in Baltimore, Maryland

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