LIFE AFTER RUSSIAN ROULETTE: New Producer, Chapter One Synopsis


Chapter One:
Reflections In The Mirror Of My Mind

“ In his final semester in seminary, preparing for ordination, Michael Kaminski is contemplating suicide.
Alone in his dimly lit dorm room, drinking brandy with an old glass with three names written on it, holding the gun he carried as an undercover detective working in drug groups and organized crime associations thirteen years earlier, Kaminski finds himself staring into the dirty mirror and reflecting on his life. Reflections of the lives he destroyed and took, the ghosts of his past, the demons still living within his mind. He sees the person he helped to kill.
The mirror reflects images, distorted and ugly, of the life he had lived in the past and the identities he created to survive.

As Kaminski continues to examine the mirror, it becomes the entrance into the very dark and hollow cave of his mind, into his psyche and soul. The images begin to pull Kaminski back into his past.
When you cross over the imaginary line that separates right from wrong, legal from illegal, moral from immoral, ethical from unethical, you lose your soul. And now, as Michael works toward graduation in seminary, he wrestles with why he chose this path.

As Michael continues to drink from the dirty glass, his old partner’s glass from narcotics, and holds the gun to his head, he wants to shatter the mirror and kill the image of his reflection. But he cannot kill the beast within. Why was he in seminary? Why did he want ordination? Why did he need redemption? Why could he not find peace in his life?

Finally falling into a deep sleep, still feeling the warmth of the cold stainless steel of his police revolver, Kaminski begins the journey back to the beginning.”

This is a synopsis of the first chapter of my book. I have signed a contract agreement with Nitebird Productions and Management in Los Angeles. Marilyn Anderson will be my producer and marketing agent pitching the project to networks to sell the story for a television series.

I will be posting a synopsis of each of the 38 chapters in the future. If anyone is interested in buying a copy of the book, please contact me. You cannot buy it online or in any store. Please contact me on Facebook, my website, , or my email address: The cost is $20.00 for the second edition and $14.00 for the first edition plus $3.00 postage.

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