Chapter Eleven Synopsis
The Meeting

Meeting Paul Joseph Werner at the Holiday Inn was not the first time Mike Kaminski had faced this undercover detective. He remembered the initial meeting in the radio room when Werner had confronted him about his lack of concentration and inexperience. Kaminski had put Werner’s life at risk at that time. Why would this loner maverick narcotics detective request Kaminski to be his partner?

Surprised to see Werner in bed with a woman when he entered the motel room, Kaminski thought this would be a test of trust.
“Can you keep a secret?” Werner asked. “Don’t tell anyone what I am working on, not even our Sergeant. Take the Sea Witch and meet me back here at 7:00 pm.” (The Sea Witch was Werner’s undercover van. It had a painting of a naked woman riding a surf board on both sides of the vehicle.)

After lying to his supervisor and disobeying a direct order on his first day, Kaminski returned to the Holiday Inn and began to learn the way of life in undercover narcotics from the cop that would later become his blood brother.
As Kaminski sat back and drank a glass of Yago Sangria, he was fascinated by the image of his new partner. P.J. Werner was not a cop. He was a business man. And drugs were his business. Werner was the stereotypical image of Serpico. Long brown hair, sunken dark eyes, a beard, blue jean jacket and dirty blue jeans. Werner talked “the street” on the phone, setting up meetings from the hotel room.
Kaminski was entering a life that had no concept of time. He realized that first night that the bond of trust between these two brothers would never be broken – not even in death.

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