Chapter Twelve Synopsis
Game On

Working undercover narcotics with P.J. Werner was a fascinating new adventure into an exciting and potentially risky form of network marketing for Mike Kaminski.
For Werner, it was not about the arrest. It was all about living the lifestyle. Kaminski quickly became comfortable, even lost, in this new way of life.

In order to go deep undercover, you lose all perspective and perception of who you really are. You create both conscious and sub-conscious multiple personalities.
Werner and Kaminski were authorized to set up an undercover apartment. It was like living a Bohemian lifestyle.
One night, after drinking a couple bottles of Yago Sangria, Werner and Kaminski decided to become blood brothers. Werner was adopted. Kaminski did not have brothers or sisters. They cut their wrists. The eternal bond was sealed.

Eventually, Kaminski was given his first undercover police car, a hot 1976 Chevy Camaro. He also bought a 1973 Triumph 750 modified chopper motorcycle.
Kaminski, then, began to work in the Boomtown area near Fort Meade, Maryland. It was on the Boomtown strip that he would meet, and have a relationship with, his first informant. Leslie worked in a massage parlor. Through Leslie, Kaminski would be introduced to his first major undercover operation, Willie Lee Williams.
Kaminski would, also, begin working on “The Block” in Baltimore City. “The Block” was a societal community of adult entertainment, strip clubs, homelessness, drugs, pimps and prostitutes. Kaminski felt “at home” in this environment and set up a street vendor business selling lamps made from empty Yago Sangria bottles.
And then, Paul Joseph Werner requested a transfer back into uniform patrol.

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