Chapter Four Synopsis
The Law Of The West

Initially, basic orientation into the Western District environment began the first day. Kaminski was assigned to a foot patrol post on Pennsylvania Avenue (known as The Street of Dreams) and West North Avenue. These streets were considered two of the most dangerous areas in the district.
Almost immediately, Kaminski was indoctrinated into the unofficial unwritten policies and procedures of policing in the district. Very quickly, Kaminski learned the limits as to what he could justify, cover up and get away with on the streets.

On foot patrol, Officer Kaminski wrote his reports in three bars: Leon’s Pig Pen, Sugar Hill and Little Willie’s.
“Air Mailing” of traffic violations was an interesting game and aspect of squad competition and traffic stops on foot patrol. And then, there were the nightly unofficial squad staff meetings after shift on the parking lot of the district where events of the night were discussed.

Western District would become the beginning of Kaminski’s “addiction” to narcotics investigations with his involvement in “unofficial” drug raids. He, now, began to feel the power of drug injections in his veins, in a psychological way.

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