Chapter Five
By The Power Vested In Me

Only out of the academy for about four months, Kaminski already felt like a seasoned veteran. Western, in many ways, had become a very comfortable place to be. Not safe, but comfortable.
Maybe the potential risk of danger was the reason Kaminski felt good about the district. The streets tested him on each shift. In a strange way, Kaminski enjoyed living on the edge.

Western District challenged, even forced, Kaminski to face and confront his fears: the fear of failure, of not measuring up to expectations of other people, and the fear of being a coward. He managed to hide his fears very well. However deep within his being, Kaminski was afraid of going inside the dark cave of his psyche and coming face-to-face with what he did not want to see or find. But, then, it was really all about “the game”.

One night, on patrol on “The Street of Dreams”, Officer Kaminski approached an elderly couple involved in a heated argument on the street. Both parties were intoxicated. They had been married for about thirty-five years and, now, wanted a divorce. However, they could not afford a lawyer.
“Place your right hands on my badge” Kaminski commanded the couple because he did not want to arrest them and create a riot. That would create too much paperwork.
“By the power vested in me by the city of Baltimore and with the authority of the Baltimore City Police Department, I pronounce you both officially divorced from one another. Now go your separate ways or I will need to arrest you.”

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