Chapter Six
The Wild West

The summer heat of June, 1974, was not only creating steam to rise from the city streets, it was also creating a lot of heated tension within the police officers, especially in Western.
A “Perfect Storm” was building toward a civil war within the ranks with the probability of a pending police strike. Police strikes were very rare with metropolitan police departments.

The month of June brought a “riot” created by police officers selectively enforcing a “No Loitering” ordinance within 50 feet of a bar.
Western also increased its active aggressive enforcement with its unique version of “Night Court”. A police officer would wear a black robe and roleplay a “judge”. Two other officers would take on the roles of a states’ attorney and public defender. People would be arrested on minor charges and transported to the district. They would, then, be sentenced to 48 hours in jail and released Sunday night before court officially opened on Monday morning.
Mike Kaminski’s last “official” act as a police officer before the strike was to make a false call to the police department for a “man with a gun” in a neighborhood bar. Then, taking the call, he and his partner “raided” the establishment, went into the back room where a gambling game was taking place, picked up all the money and split the profits. When you cross the line, you begin to walk a very dangerous path.

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