Chapter Seven
I Will Not Die For 5.5

The first week of July, 1974, was very uneasy, not only in Western District but throughout the entire police department and Baltimore City. The police department was about to make history. It would be the first major municipal police department to go on strike since 1912.

“Why did you want to be a cop”” Kaminski thought to himself as he voted to go on strike. The vote was unanimous in his squad. This decision was very personal and emotional. He did not want to vote for the strike but Kaminski understood that he would have no backup on The Street of Dreams.
As Kaminski walked the picket lines later in the day and into the night, the number of arsons, fires and looting calls increased throughout the city. Finally, the state police had to be called into action.

In just five fast days, the “civil war” was over. The strikers had been defeated and sacrificed by their organizers.
What Mike Kaminski had hoped to find as an idealistic police officer in the academy was lost. His final day of reporting into Western was not for roll call. It was for resignation. However, this would not be the last time he would resign from a police department because of disciplinary issues.
Once you are a cop, the thrill remains in your blood system and in your mind and psyche. Kaminski knew that he needed to get back into the “game”. He already missed the adrenalin rush.

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