Chapter Eight Synopsis
Rebel Without A Cause

When you lose what you believe was your identity, when the image of who you were is destroyed, when an understanding of a sense of self is distorted and destroyed, then your life becomes a very dark place in which to live.

In the weeks following Kaminski’s resignation, he began to isolate himself from family and friends. The more he drank, the more withdrawn Michael became. And the deeper he retreated into the darkness.
Ironically, his saving grace was the University of Maryland Campus Police Department. Not as exciting as Western District but an opportunity to be a police officer and carry a gun again.

And then, Mike Kaminski was contacted by one of the guys from his old squad in Western District. The Anne Arundel County Police Department was looking for and hiring ex-Baltimore City Police officers who had gone on strike. This opportunity would become Kaminski’s Redemption.
After a brief interview and examination, Kaminski and three other ex-Baltimore City Police officers were the first to be hired.
However, the hiring process was basically a publicity “photo op” by the Police Chief of Anne Arundel County.

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