Chapter Nine Synopsis
The Radio Room

After publicly being welcomed and accepted as a new police officer, Kaminski, along with the other three new officers, was privately warned by the Chief not to create problems. Kaminski understood that there would be no room for mistakes. He was considered a radical for going on strike. But Kaminski vowed that he would not allow the Chief to win at the game.

Initially, Officer Kaminski was assigned to the radio room to keep him out of potential trouble. In the beginning, he answered the telephone and took incoming complaints. However, later Kaminski would be trained as a dispatcher. He quickly learned the importance of this vital nerve center and the “heart” of the department.

The police department had a small Vice and Narcotics unit, consisting of two squads. They always used a secure channel during operations.
As a dispatcher, Kaminski learned about one specific narcotics detective that usually worked alone. His name was P.J. Werner. This detective had a reputation for not always following the rules. Werner was a maverick and a loner. He was both respected and criticized. To Kaminski, P.J. Werner was fascinating to listen to on the radio. Ironically, Mike Kaminski did not realize it at the time but Paul Joseph Werner would change his life.

On a warm evening in April, 1975, Mike Kaminski’s future assignment in narcotics would be born out of inexperience, miscommunication and lack of awareness on a situation involving Werner when Kaminski was working Northern dispatch. However, that assignment would not happen for another year. First, Kaminski had to be transferred to Northern District patrol. A new game was about to begin.

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