Chapter Ten Synopsis
The Beach

Initially assigned to Riviera Beach, Officer Michael Kaminski begins his new assignment in uniform patrol. If a cop did not want to get involved in anything controversial, “the Beach” was a dream assignment.
Kaminski believed that he had been assigned to the Beach to either keep him out of trouble or to see how much trouble he could create and then be fired.

Riviera Beach was nothing like the streets of Western District. However, Kaminski quickly realized one similarity. The people of the community did not appreciate aggressive police presence. This aspect of law enforcement would, eventually, lead to his transfer into Vice and Narcotics.
Slot machines or “one-armed bandits” were very lucrative money generators in bars and nightclubs. They were leased by legal (on paper) vending companies owned by local organized crime. Every gambling machine or gaming device was required to be licensed by the state. Each license was required to be posted in plain view in the establishment. That was the law. Kaminski decided to “gamble” with the law.

Routinely checking bars and nightclubs for license violations, Kaminski would unplug and take out of service each unlicensed machine. This “legal harassment” created complaints by establishment owners resulting in increased loss of income for both the establishments and the organized crime vending company.
One night, while sleeping in a cemetery on midnight shift, Kaminski was given a warning when the rear window of his patrol car was shot out. No suspects were ever found, investigated or arrested. No investigation was made. Kaminski, then, began to focus his attention on narcotics but continued to check the “one-armed bandits” just to harass the vending company.
Eventually, “unofficial” complaints from the vending company and the club owners found their way up the chain of command.
Officer Mike Kaminski was transferred into Narcotics to get him off the street. He had been personally requested my Detective P.J. Werner.

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