Chapter Three
Welcome To Western

Reporting into Western on his first day, Kaminski passes his district Captain being escorted out of the building by two detectives. The Captain had been arrested for gambling payoffs.

Kaminski is introduced to his sergeant and is assigned to a foot patrol squad. In a strange way, he suddenly feels a sense of pride being assigned to a district that nobody wanted in the academy. Most police officers were transferred to Western because of disciplinary action from other districts or departments.
In a very brief period of time, Western (The Wild West) would force Kaminski to confront himself in several ways: his belief in himself, his fears as a police officer, his uncertainty of courage and his racial prejudice.

“Mikey, why did you want to be a police officer?” asked his new supervisor as Kaminski was going out on foot patrol that first day. He did not have an answer.
“Be careful and learn from the streets” his sergeant advised with a serious smile. “The streets will teach you what you need to know. Welcome to Western.”

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