MIRRORS AND MASKS: Understanding Our Hidden Self Image

Eye PerceptionUnderstanding who you are involves going inside yourself, into the dark cave of your mind and psyche, and critically evaluating your thoughts, actions, habits, attitudes and behaviors. In this self-analysis workshop you will begin to understand and define your personality, behaviors, fears, actions and reactions to situations, roadblocks to a healthier and happier life, and Perception of Self.

  • In this workshop we will look at intellect, faith, belief systems, consciousness, spirituality, philosophy and psychology.
  • By looking into the mirror of your life, you will see deeply into your mind, soul and psyche.
  • You will begin to understand the “masks” of your personality and behavior.
  • You will learn to define and redefine who you are, the person you can become and what you can achieve in life.

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  1. Let me know more information on your workshops, where they are held, how long are the workshops.
    Interesting interview, captured my attention.

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